Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

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Technical Professional Training

Training for technical professionals enhances the development of interpersonal and management skills.  The goal is to enable a smoother interface between technical professionals and non-technical staff and professionals.  The result will be better communication and more efficient and productive outcomes.


The following is a sample of recently offered training seminars.  Every program that HRCA offers can be customized to meet the needs of the individual, organization or agency.



Managerial Skills

A technical professional’s role as manager is both complex and challenging.  Many technical professionals are promoted to the role of manager, yet the skills required of a manager are not the skills you’ve been taught or that come naturally to you.  In this program, you will learn, in your role as technical manager, how to become effective and build partnerships with staff that encourage work performance, employee engagement and maximal staff performance.  Program participants will improve their managerial skills, learning to “achieve results through others” by using skills such as teambuilding, professional communication skills and influence strategies. Attendees will gain an understanding of the strengths and limitations of their management style, learn motivation and job engagement techniques, performance coaching and conflict management techniques.  (2-day seminar)


Interpersonal Skills

Technical professionals view the world differently than non-technical professionals.  This difference in perceptions can result in miscommunications, misunderstandings and negatively impact work relationships.  What good is the best technical idea if it can’t be understood or utilized in the non-technical world?  The goal of this program is to help technical professionals understand the “non-technical” world and gain strategies for better interaction with that world so that they can be maximally effective.  Specifically, technical professionals will learn how to be more successful in the areas of communication, conflict management, assertiveness, team building and active listening.  (2 or 3-day seminar)


Leadership Skills

Leaders need to bring out the best in their staff.  Technical professionals are trained in the technical aspects of a job but often they are left to “learn how to lead” without guidance.  The goal of this seminar is to help technical leaders strategize, establish staff expectations and implement plans that positively impact work and people.  Technical leaders will learn how to manage change more effectively, become more persuasive communicators, and develop strategies for motivating staff to improving work performance and engagement.  (2-day seminar)


Communication Skills

Technical professionals need to communicate in ways that maximize their great talents and ideas.  They often communicate in ways that undermine their credibility, influence and ultimately career success.  The goal of this seminar is to help technical professionals become more influential and persuasive in their communication skills, and maximize their communication skills with the non-technical world.  Guidelines for effective visual, verbal and written communications are examined and feedback on communication skills is provided.  (1-day seminar)


Enhancing Cross-Functional Communication

Technical Professionals excel in their specialty but must also work collaboratively with others who may be technical or non-technical.  The goal of this course is to help technical professionals become more fluid at building cross-functional teams.  Specifically, technical professionals will learn how to build teams, enhance communication, actively listen, manage differences tactfully with confidence, and deal with roadblocks that deter a team’s mission and goal accomplishment.  (1-day seminar)


Other programs offered by HRCA

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