Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

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The following is a list of resources that you may find helpful to you or your organization.  HRCA regularly compiles and updates lists of valuable resources that you may refer to for assistance in your job search or career advancement.  Be sure to visit this page regularly for additional resources or if you do not see something that is of interest to you, please use the Contact Us page and send us a note requesting additional information.







• "Failure to Communicate" by Holly Weeks, Harvard Business Press, 2010.

• "Power Listening" by Bernard T. Ferrari, Portfolio/Penguin, 2012.

• "Communicating Effectively" Harvard Business Review Press, 2011.



• "The 1001 Rewards and Recognition Field book" by Bob Nelson, Ph.D. & Dean Spitzer, Ph.D, Workman Publishing, 2003.



• "Managing the Mobile Workforce" by David Clemons and Michael K. Roth, Ph.D., McGraw Hill, 2011.

• "The Manager's Bookshelf" (10th Edition) Paperback, January 1, 2013 by Jon L. Pierce and John W. Newstrom.

• "The First-Time Manager" by Loren B. Belker, Jim McCormick and Gary S. Topchik, AMACOM, 2012.

• "2600 phrases for Effective Performance Reviews" by Paul Falcone, AMACOM, 2005.

• "Developing Great Managers – 20 Power Hour conversations that build skills fast" by Lisa Haneberg, ASTD, 2008.



• "Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else" by Geoffrey Colvin, 2008.


Influence and Persuasion Skills:

• "Influence:  Science and Practice" by Robert B. Cialdini, Fifth Edition, Pearson, New York, 2009.


Interview Skills:

• "Get Hired: Winning strategies to ace the interview", by Paul C. Green, Ph.D., Skilfast Inc. 2006.



Resources for Job Seekers

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