Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

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Management & Leadership Training

Management and Leadership training provides managers with the tools they need to improve the performance and productivity of their employees.  Those in leadership positions must be prepared to strategize, establish expectations and implement plans that impact work and people.  Management and leadership training helps develop key skills to lead employees to maximal performance and productivity.  Our management and leadership training will aid managers in their mission to achieve organizational objectives and build successful work relationships.



The following is a sample of recently offered training seminars.  Every program that HRCA offers can be customized to meet the needs of the individual, organization or agency.



Executive and Managerial Coaching

Numerous Fortune 500 organizations and agencies utilize coaching to develop the potential and skills of executives and talented professionals.  The goal of coaching is to create sustained change in the behavior, skills, beliefs, values, and performance of the “coachee”.  Through coaching, Dr. Norma Brecker will help your executives and managers achieve new behaviors, improve performance and become “all that they can be”.  A recent Gallup Study demonstrated that companies that implement coaching are 50% more likely to have low turnover, have 56% higher customer loyalty and achieve 27% greater profitability.  Coaching is generally conducted weekly for an established period of time and can occur in person, on the phone, via Skype or FaceTime.



Supervisory and Management Training

It is often said “management would be easy if it weren’t for people!”  This program will help your supervisors and managers improve performance, productivity and relationships within their workgroups.  Supervisors and managers who attend will learn to manage more effectively, delegate work, motivate staff, impart effective and constructive feedback, communicate with confidence and professionalism, and better manage conflict.  This seminar provides participants with a “toolkit of supervisory and managerial skills” that they can practically apply when they return to their jobs.  (2-3 day seminar)



Leadership Development

President Harry Truman said, “A leader is a person who has the ability to get other people to do what they want to do, and like it.”  This seminar will help leaders strategize, set standards of excellence, establish expectations and implement plans that positively impact their staff and their work performance.  Front-line leaders will develop their leadership potential, learn how to manage change more effectively, and identify strategies which enhance their powers of persuasion and influence.  Leaders will learn to adopt a “transformation” communication style, develop techniques to motivate staff to improve their work performance and increase employee engagement.  Ultimately, leaders will get their staff to do more of what they need to do in order to improve performance and productivity while improving work morale and employee engagement.  (1 or 2 day seminar)



Interpersonal Skills are critical for success on the job.  Managers and leaders with good interpersonal skills achieve success more rapidly because they are able to bring out the best in others – which ultimately improves work performance and builds their reputation as an effective manager and leader.  This course helps participants enhance their interactions with others by improving skills in the areas of: communication, conflict management, assertiveness, building relationships, understanding others, teamwork and active listening.  (2 or 3 day seminar)



Change Management

Change is a difficult process and it is a constant in today’s rapidly changing workplace.  Change represents both a challenge and an opportunity for growth.  How change is managed can ultimately have a positive or negative impact on one’s career.  Though the path of change is unpredictable, this program will help both individuals and those in front-line management become more effective at managing the volume, momentum and complexity of change.  Program participants will learn about the connection between change and stress, identify their change reaction patterns, and learn how to manage changes more effectively and productively for themselves and for their staff.  (1/2 day, 1 day or 2 day seminars)



Preventing Workplace Discrimination (PWD)

Over the last few years, EEOC discrimination charges have dramatically increased.  Companies are also facing increased enforcement by the EEOC.  Management must be aware of practices in the workplace that may seem neutral, but in fact may be discriminatory.  PWD helps prevent workplace issues by ensuring that employees know what is considered to be discriminatory and illegal.  This program sends the message that discrimination in the workplace will not be tolerated.  PWD training will enable participants to recognize and eliminate discriminating behaviors that can put a department and organization and/or agency at risk.  (½ day seminar for employees; 1 day seminar for management)



Coaching for Improved Performance

This program is designed to help front-line managers and supervisors learn how to coach their staff for improved performance and enhanced employee engagement.  Coaching helps every employee, from the most problematic employee to those who already excel on the job.  Coaches will learn how to provide constructive feedback, handle difficult situations, address negative work habits and improve employee motivation, performance, attitudes and behaviors.  (1 day seminar)



Hiring Right:  Selection Interview Training

Choosing the right candidate for a job is a difficult process. The subjective nature of the interview can cause problems for the hiring manager and the organization. This training seminar will help hiring managers utilize effective and legal questions that will improve the chances of “hiring right”.  Specifically, trainees will learn how to identify and use behaviorally-based interviewing, write legal and effective questions, tools and techniques for finding talent, set up interview conditions, listen actively as an interviewer, and record interview “data” so that the most qualified candidate can be selected in either a one-on-one or panel interview situation.  (1 or 2 day seminar)



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