Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

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Individual Coaching

HRCA provides personalized individual coaching for both executives and job seekers.  Coaching helps those who want a tailored approach to the attainment of their goals – whether the goal is moving up the corporate ladder or getting your first job in an organization.  Norma Brecker and her staff have helped many clients through one-one-one job skills coaching.  Personalized coaching gives YOU an edge in the job market.  In partnership, we help you get the job you want and then help you achieve your professional career objectives.



Individualized Coaching for Job Seekers

Norma Brecker, Ph.D. provides one-on-one support, expertise and assistance to job seekers covering all aspects of the job search, including:


  • job search strategies
  • writing an effective cover letter
  • interview coaching and guidance
  • understanding the interview process and organizational hiring
  • development of an outstanding resume
  • networking: how and where
  • interview follow-up and thank you letters
  • advancement within a current position or organization


Norma Brecker also coaches individuals through all aspects of the job search process and helps clients manage their first few months in a new job. New employees often find “office politics” and managing their new manager a challenging time. Norma guides each individual in utilizing their own personal skills and strengths, filtered through her vast experience, professionalism and practicality. Coaching can be provided by the session (i.e. 2 sessions) or for an extended period of time (i.e. a three-month coaching period).



Individual Coaching for Executives

Norma Brecker, Ph.D. provides one-on-one coaching assistance to executives of all levels within an organization who are interested accelerating their performance, creating a productive work group or seeking to further advance within the company. The executive coaching program can be implemented privately through face-to-face meetings, by phone or by computer.


Executive coaching will help identify key areas of improvement that were previously not recognized as barriers to success and help executives learn how to overcome those barriers and turn them into strengths.  There is always room for improvement in any role and the benefits will be clear upon completion of a comprehensive coaching program customized for your specific needs.  Success at the executive level is achieved through knowledge, an effective and supportive organization, superior interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and having the right resources to not only meet but exceed goals.  Individual executive coaching will be an integral part of your strategy for success.


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