Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

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Employment & Interview Training

HRCA’s employment training and interview skills training programs provide insights and strategies for success in today’s job market.  Competition in the job market is fierce and you need to differentiate yourself from other qualified candidates.  The goal of our hands-on, one-day program is to provide participants with the A-Z’s for a successful job search and interview process, as well as guidance on next steps after you get the job.


Whether you are fresh out of college or seeking a new job, how you come across in the interview is going to be one of the major factors that determine your employability.  There is so much information around today about what makes a “good hire”, but very often the interview is the determining factor.


The following is an overview of the key topics for the Employment Training and Interview Skills program for job seekers and college grads.  Every program that HRCA offers can be customized to meet the needs of the individual.



Employment and Interview Training Topics:

• Identifying what’s important to you

• Preparing for the interview

• Networking

• Job search resources

• Effective resume writing

• Managing a negative work history

• Post interview actions / follow up

• Got the job, now what?

• Advancing in your career



Strategies for College Grads

Transitioning to the world of work from college is a daunting task. Where do I start my job search? How do I present myself in the most professional manner? This one-day seminar will answer these questions and help the recent college and graduate students transition to the role of employee.  Participants will learn how to present themselves optimally by writing an engaging “elevator pitch”, develop networking strategies, create a resume that highlights their strengths and accomplishments, and implement effective ‘post-interview’ etiquette. Seminar attendees will learn to develop answers to challenging interview questions while maintaining professionalism before, during and after the interview. (1 day seminar)



Strategies for Job Seekers

You had a job and are now unemployed, underemployed or just want to change your job. Where do you start your job search? How do you tailor your existing resume to meet the requirements for the job you want? Should you network in person or use electronic job boards? How do you grab the interviewer’s attention and interest? The goal of this program is to help those who already have had some work experience effectively utilize their job-search time and energy so that they can acquire the position they want. Specifically, this one-day seminar will help job seekers learn how to network, “outshine” other candidates in an interview, and create a resume that highlights strengths and accomplishments. Seminar attendees will learn how to handle difficult interview questions, avoid interview “traps” and write effective post-interview acknowledgments while always maintaining their professionalism. (1 day seminar)



Individualized Coaching for College Grads and Job Seekers

Norma Brecker, Ph.D. provides one-on-one job skills coaching, expertise and assistance covering all aspects of the job search including: job search strategies, writing an effective cover letter, interview coaching and guidance, development of an outstanding resume, professional interview follow-up and thank you letters, and strategies for maximizing chances of getting an existing job. Norma Brecker also coaches individuals through all aspects of the job search process and helps clients manage their first few months in a new job. New employees often find “office politics” and managing their new manager challenging.  Norma guides each individual in utilizing their own personal skills and strengths, filtered through her vast experience, professionalism and practicality. Coaching can be provided by the session (i.e. 2 sessions) or for an extended period of time (i.e. a three-month coaching period).



This is from a recent college graduate ..."The job search process was overwhelming and demoralizing.  I graduated college and had no job.  I kept applying for jobs from job boards and making calls but I felt like I was going in circles.  But with Norma’s help, I developed interview skills, redesigned my resume so that it became a true reflection of who I am – and learned how to write cover letters and follow up on interviews.  Norma taught me how to network, answer interview questions, look professional and handle situations which were NOT to my advantage.  I am now employed with a great company in the financial field.  Even though I have a job, I still consult with Norma about professionalism, office politics and we strategize about my next career steps in this company. Thank you Norma for all your help and support!  I could not have landed this job without your guidance, patience, strength and expertise"- James, Financial Analyst, New York



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