Improving Individual and Organizational Performance

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Dr. Norma Brecker, PhD.

Norma Brecker, President, Human Resource Consulting Associates

Dr. Norma Brecker is an Industrial/ Organizational Psychologist and the senior management consultant with HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTING ASSOCIATES.  Her consulting focuses on employee and performance improvement for clients in both the public and private sectors with expertise in the areas of:


• Executive Coaching

• Selection and Staffing

• Performance Appraisal

• Training and Development

• Managing Organizational Changes

• Organizational Development and Redesign

• Teamwork and Team Building

• Group Facilitation and Problem Solving


Dr. Brecker has worked for over 100 clients in both the private and public sectors.  Some of her clients include:


• The City of New York (and more than 20 of its agencies including HRA, District Attorney, HPD, DEP, The Office of the Comptroller, OCME, NYCERS, The Mayor’s Office, and Probation

• The Social Security Administration, USDA, GSA, The US Navy

• Sherwin Williams, Wawa Corporation, PPL, Amgen, Phillip Morris USA, Campbell Soup Company, British Airways, Agfa Corporation, AHRC, Public Service & Electric and Gas (PSE&G)


She received her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology and has an M.B.A. and an undergraduate degree in education.  Dr. Brecker has taught at Baruch College, Stevens Institute of Technology and Rutgers Graduate School of Management.


Dr. Brecker specializes in Executive and Managerial Coaching and has spent the past 10 years partnering with employees to help them achieve their leadership capabilities.  Dr. Brecker’s one-on-one coaching interactions, coupled with her psychology and business skills, have helped “coachees” develop their ability to influence, motivate, and lead others.  She has also utilized “group coaching” as a peer-support methodology to help managers problem-solve both work and life dilemmas.


Dr. Brecker has designed, developed and facilitated over 50 different training programs that are experiential, dynamic and skill-based.  These programs help employees improve their skill sets in areas such as interpersonal skills, conflict management, assertiveness, feedback, interviewing, teamwork, performance management and communication.


Dr. Norma Brecker’s vast experience working with HR departments and hiring managers has enabled her to gain many key HR insights and knowledge.  Dr. Brecker uses this knowledge to help her clients get the job of their dream. Understanding how an HR manager prepares for an interview is just as important as how you, the candidate, prepares for an interview.


Dr. Brecker helps recent college graduates and those who are unemployed or underemployed in their job search.  Together they develop an outstanding resume and master interview skills.  She also coaches new hires so that they can transition into their new roles with ease and success.


Dr. Brecker is married and the mother of three sons.  In her limited spare time, Norma does volunteer work, travels, reads and enjoys doing needlepoint.

Norma Brecker, Ph. D. | 502 Salem Street, Paramus, NJ 07652